Schizophrenia dating forum 18 year old guy dating

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Schizophrenia dating forum

Well I have known this boy since we were 14, I was still friends with him when he developed schitzophrenia and had to be hospitalized. We have been dating now for 3 weeks, his parents adore me, and his mom already told me she hopes i'm "the one". Which I can understand because I don't like them either. I've read up a bunch on the of the common things that is said is that no one with schitzophrenia should stop their meds. So far no serious problems, other than he hears the voices again (which he can control) and he hates being in loud crowded situations.I don’t think others’ thoughts hold any real bearing on my thoughts and emotions when the prospect of a relationship presents itself. For the last eight years, I’ve had a major red flag hanging over my head: the diagnosis of a major mental illness.When exactly do you tell someone that you have schizophrenia?I'm not a bad looking guy, hell I've been told I'm very cute by numerous girls in the past so I know it's not that.The pattern has always been the same though, as soon as they find out about me being paranoid schizophrenic they disappear.

I'm just concerned, and I'm not sure how to approach it, because I know the side effects the meds give him, and it almost seems like they are worse than the disease.I'm tired of being alone, anyone have any advice for me? Keith, This is my opinion and some may not agree but you don't have to tell every girl you meet your whole life history on the first date.Let them get a chance to get to know you as a person. If you happen to meet a young lady who wants to see you again, bring some information about schizophrenia and tell her about your condition on the second date.We had a bit of one at his family Christmas party, but only because there was like 30 people there and 90% of them were smashed drunk when we got there so he was upset.(Nothing like meeting your boyfreinds entire extended family when they are drunk) Anyways, any advice you want to give me would be welcome.

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